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15+ Bài thơ về nắng bốn mùa Xuân, Hạ, Thu, Đông hay nhất


Are you looking for poems about sunshine and you, poems about blue sky and white clouds, beautiful and meaningful poems about morning sunshine? In the article below, hayhd.vn will share with you 15+ articles poetry about sunshine the best, hope to help you have more choices. Please refer!

Poems about the four seasons of sunshine Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter

Poems about sunshine, poems about spring sunshine

Poem 1: Spring

Consciousness tolerant
Take the kids out to play.
Spring is here
Bright spring light.
White cotton cloud
Floating in the blue sky.
The wind blows
Magnificent tall.
Vast garden
The young grass is green.
Fresh peach blossom
Cozy spring garden
Chirping birdsong.

Poetry: Collected

Poem 2: Spring butterfly

The golden slope of spring sunshine
Mountains bursting with five-color flowers
The butterfly sisters mourn
Come see yourself by the waterfall.
Pure sister in white shirt
I’m wearing a blue shirt
Then pink shirt, red shirt
A flock of beautiful, beautiful butterflies.
In the forest, the bird sings
Along the stream, the gibbon cries
The sweet scent of orchids
Beautiful star spring.
Butterfly sisters love it
Flickering dream wings
Between the banks of flowers and leaves
Let’s dance slow.

Poetry: Collected

Poem 3: Spring sunshine returns…

Spring sunshine to warm the space
Let the trees play the lute and let them sing
The primordial climate is abundant
Encourages sprouts, seeds, and high buds

Spring sun comes for the breeze
Gently gliding the peach branch with its full color
Open to welcome the dense yellow apricot branch
Radiant colors sprinkled with sources of joy

Spring sun comes back to let the gloomy retreat
Gray clouds sleep in the past
Snow peaks are also dormant
Only the sky is clear and shimmering

Spring sunshine has come to enjoy Khang Ninh
Young and old people are full of affection
The look of excitement makes the heart strong
Easy to harmonize hands clasp hands

Spring sun comes for a cup of ivory wine
Couple of boys and girls cultivate happiness every day
Both of them ended up having sex
Soon to be able to see the abundance of children

Spring sunshine has come for you to erase wither
The past series of stones rolls on the cheeks
Tired of waiting for the old man
It’s all over and sadly covers the grave

Spring sunshine is gorgeous in the bride’s dress
The old betel nut wedding palanquin made a promise
Now the moonlight has found the other half
Lightly through the curtain, igniting the story of a hundred years.

Author: Tam Muoi

Poem 4: Spring sunshine

Spring sunshine gently falls on soft shoulders
Rays of happiness bring fate into life
Quiet a corner, my dear!
Smile on anyone’s lips
The poetic spring sunshine to share
Sweet and bitter, who is with whom?
In the chrysanthemum garden to talk to tomorrow
Hesitating forever love forever thousands of years
Spring sunshine leaning under the ceiling
Butterflies and bees keep an eye on the yard terrace
Love for less disadvantage
Baby’s arms tattoo the heart
Spring sun comes to pink lips
Strangely, it’s like a passionate dream of love
The love who has cleverly cultivated
The virginal spring sunshine yielded to whom?
Spring sunshine touches the shadow of your hands
We love each other, let’s get drunk a hundred times.

  Lịch thi đấu C1, kết quả, bảng xếp hạng C1 bảng C

Author: Thien An

Poem 5: Tet is coming home

Peach flowers in front of the alley
Happy smile pink morning
Apricot flowers in the garden
Fluttering white wings
Sunny courtyard
Mother drying flowers
I glued chicken pictures
He hangs the puzzle
Tet is coming home
Going to be one year older
The earth blooms.

Poetry: Collected

Poems about the hot sun, poetry about the summer sun

Poem 1: Summer nostalgia

Days and months passed, the summer sun came back
The sound of the enchanting music
Suggest returning to the old summer
Warm love bustling Ve

Ancient phoenix wings swear hair
Plant flower branches in the middle of the countryside
Hand in hand, make a promise
Born and walked together, dyed in the summer sun

The phoenix corner has made a vow
Engrave the names of the two people who are dating
Now there’s still the bow of resentment
Sobbing heart single voice Ve.

Poetry: Sacred Heart

Poem 2: The sun is still nostalgic

The eternal sun is still so passionate
Still golden rays like to coax flowers
Still drying the fading tears
Still determined to change over the years

Even though a storm is on the way
Separating the road should make an appointment with flowers
But the mind of the sun still misses a lot
Still burning with so many promises

Still dreaming of the day after tomorrow
Bring a shoulder to lean on when flowers are sad
Still looking forward to stroking the petals
Dream next to warm source of happiness.

Poetry: Doan Phien

Poem 3: Summer Sunshine

It’s just the beginning of summer
It was already sunburned
The ticks tingle all the way
Summer is coming oh, hot

Withered rose branch
Withering at midday in summer
The sky is like pouring fire
Wrapped up everywhere

Oh Hanoi, clouds pull
Adventure anywhere
Let the sun keep stirring
I look at the eyes

At noon, the road is empty
The trees stand still
Bang Lang doesn’t shake
Pink phoenix like crimson

Who’s sweat drenched
Tired of standing on the side of the road
Longing for rain
Be a little gentler!

Poetry: Thuy Cuc

Poem 4: Hot summer

Dawn like midday!
The sun is shining brightly
Hot knocking on the door
Where does the wind hide?

The sky is so high
Clear sky background
The land bends under the Sun
Trees drooping leaves cover the body

Sunshine filled the yard
The sap boils in the living tree
Hot lake surface
Space filled with ticks

Rice with burning flowers
Phuong lit fire in the sky
So scared summer!
It’s hot everywhere.

Poetry: Tran Nhac

Poem 5: Summer sunshine

Hello sunshine flowers
King in my hair
Stay on my cheek dear
Paint your lips beautiful…

  Hóa đơn điện tử là gì? Mẫu hóa đơn điện tử hợp lệ đẹp

Glitter in your eyes
Summer sunshine
Ngan is full of choruses
For a season of remembrance!

Poetry: Ngu Pham

Poetry about sunshine of the seasons

Poetry about autumn sunshine

Poem 1: Sunshine

Autumn sunshine is so beautiful, Autumn
Not as hot as the time… Summer is not.
Soft and cold one color
Swinging Autumn in the middle of the bridge… welcoming the East.

Drunk, branded in your heart
The autumn sunshine is slim and fragrant… the scent of flowers.
Falling leaves love our love
Lightly flying in front of the alley is like… flying silk.

Full of autumn sunshine
Call to invite the wind and clouds … to the house.
The autumn sun is so peaceful
Gentle, earnest as… your eyes.

Author: Tran Duy Ninh

Poem 2: The autumn sun is red

Autumn’s rays of sunshine mingle with the scent of milk nuggets
Yellow color interspersed with speckled eyes
Gentle wind caresses the afternoon
Late lotus is turning deep pink.

The rays of the afternoon sun let go of each strand very slowly
Afraid of the cold mist at night
The sun lingers embracing each tamarind branch
Holding on to the warm yellow rays of the summer.

Love the early morning Autumn
The thin autumn dew and the morning sun
The red sun casts a long shadow
Dispel the fog and run forever, I don’t know.

Autumn sunshine is obnoxious star
Damaged streaks on young leaves
Autumn’s rays shake anger
Not gently caressing on the canopy of leaves.

Author: Hanh Nguyen

Poem 3: The sun fades

Knowing that I miss a word of love
That I made an appointment in the afternoon of the falling leaves
This autumn has faded the sky
No more bees and butterflies roaming in the garden

Knowing that I miss the beat of love
Fate is left and right on my way
You go, I know it’s far
Melancholy rose to a life of maple flower

Know that love gives
It would be meaningless for the first time to fall in love
Know that leaves fall in the afternoon
The pink sun turns off the clouds… floating…

Let’s stay apart, try to forget
Blurring the tears of the wind on love…

Author: Wave Trao

Poem 4: Autumn Sunshine 2

If you collect it, why do you still burn the king?
Let the sun be hot as usual
Looking at the rows of persimmon trees is like drying all of them
Let the strict space be golden

Thought it was autumn time
Cool weather, Hanoi golden autumn newspaper
How many dreams to be as happy as a festival
Holding hands and walking on the old road

Obviously, this is the hot season
The sky is adversarial because it does not extinguish the fire
Where is the person? Or like the autumn sky
Not as gentle as usual

The heat of the king wilts the petals
Withered even the salty substance of love
God! Let’s spread rain
To collect gold is “cool, convenient to row”.

Author: Ho Nhu

Poetry about winter sunshine

Poem 1: Send Winter Sunshine

I send you some pink sunshine.
Let him sunstroke, warm winter.
Soft lips a sweet caress.
Satisfy your desires.

I send you blush.
Under the sunny and sad colors of spring.
Eternal love and affection
Forever with him, he does not know sadness.

I send my love to sleep.
Curled up in a cocoon of wishes.
Night about long nostalgia.
Worry about the other love that misses.

  Top phim hài chiếu rạp hay, mới nhất 2021

Drunk passionately at the end of winter.
The soul silently mourns the emptiness.
Confused about the king of nostalgia?
Send warm winter, warm sunshine.

Author: Ngoc Quang Ha

Poem 2: Send Winter Sunshine

Please send me some pink sunshine
Let your soul warm up in winter
Birds dancing on the leaves
Squirrels floating in the middle of the field
The stream is filled with tears of memory
Yellow flowers reveal their shape to fill the pine hill
Lipstick lipstick day and night waiting
A passionate passionate kiss.

Author: Abha

Poem 3: Winter sunshine

The sun of winter is also cold
Like a romance that dies together
In the afternoon, the sea surface waits for the clouds to dip
At night, the moon’s soul suddenly burst into flames
Broken pieces of sad poetry fall
In the afternoon, the light smoke is broken
People who go are not afraid to waver
To walk the familiar path suddenly shy.

Author: Le Canh Tien

Poem 4: Picking up the winter sun

I sit and collect sunshine and winter
sew delicate pieces to warm your heart
There’s a thread of wick that doesn’t go away
a long day in the afternoon.

A few drops of thin dew will bring smoke
cold at the foot of the cloud and in the afternoon
Twilight scars bruise forever
overflowing on the lonely alley.

Wild wind blows away the sun
Wire rope streaked with price like copper
Neighbor’s kitchen smoke trembles bitterly
a smell of straw and a few thunderstorms.

I picked up the sun in the sewing season in December
warm up mother, hard work father
The king’s hair turned gray in the afternoon
take hold of the season of the Tet holiday.

Author: Han Xiang Thi

Poem 5: Winter sunshine

Where’s the sunbeam in the yard?
The ice from afar pulls so close
Your eyes and smile are also cold
Makes me crave some spring sunshine

Where is the sun hiding?
I know please help
Is there any hidden please refund me a little flap
lest the heavens and earth be bitterly cold

My life is as torn as winter
Far away from the blue in the summer and pink
A few degrees of sunshine in the sky
Thank you for patching a long life

My life is cold enough, baby…
Cold life exile with broken bangs
I hold the sun on the top of the mountain
The old love is warm in the coming season.

Author: Minh Tuong

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