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Câu đối chúc Tết hay và ý nghĩa mừng năm mới


Ever since, the red couplets have become part of the “soul” of the national traditional New Year. On New Year’s Day, besides apricot blossoms, peach blossoms, banh chung, banh tet…, each family also prepares couplets to wish Tet to hang on a solemn position in the house, with that, the New Year’s atmosphere will be complete. , full.

In today’s article, hayhd.vn will help you synthesize the best and most meaningful New Year’s greetings for you to refer to in your family for the upcoming Tet holiday.

New Year couplets

The origin and meaning of the couplets wishing Tet

The New Year couplet has its origins in the Zhou Dynasty – China, on the occasion of the coming New Year, each family will hang two “peach talisman” panels in front of the door, that is, a wooden amulet made of peach trees.

According to the “Later Han Book – Ritual of Chi”, the peach tree is about 20 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide. On each plate of peach talismans, the names of two gods who tame evil will be written, namely Uat Luy and Than Do. On the 1st day of the Lunar New Year, hanging a peach talisman at the door will help scare away all evil spirits and avoid daring to enter each house.

This custom was then spread to many Asian countries such as Vietnam, Japan, and Korea.

In Vietnam, the opposite rhyme and opposite verses will be written on pink and red paper with the notion that red is a symbol of luck, auspicious, symbolizing intense vitality, driving away. evil things. These couplets are written by old men or calligraphy lovers in Chinese ink as the most meaningful wish that the “beggar” wants to give to friends and relatives.

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New Year couplets

Good and meaningful New Year’s greetings

1. Putting up a tall tree, New Year comes to light incense and bright lights.

2. New Year’s Eve picking fortune, respecting grandparents, pouring wine in a couple of glasses, listening to wishes – Flowers bloom on the first day, be grateful to parents, offer three cups of tea, receive lucky money.

3. Welcoming the new spring, the nation firmly believes, a united heart – Welcome spring, the country is stable, continuing to reach out.

4. Spring is still long, looking to the future of a new land – Tet although it is short, look back at the past scene of the ancients.

5. The sky faints a tree, the evening of thirty ri is the New Year – The land of three firecrackers, the first day of dawn is also spring.

6. In the evening of the thirtieth night, the wings of the universe are closed, tightly closed lest the Demon King bring the devil in – On the morning of the first day, the Creator’s key is loose, opening it up for girls to welcome spring in.

7. Tet ever, after a thousand times before Tet New Year – Spring has no age, going back forever spring more spring.


New Year’s Day
Lower security
Earn tons of glory
Eastern blessings.

9. Spring brings sorrow back to the motherland – New Year away from home sadly misses her father’s hometown.

10. Flower of the moon and flowers of the moon – Willow of the wind, peace of the heart

Translation: The flowers in the morning are warm and the days are green and the dancing is green – Willows are windy and swift.

New Year couplets

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Short and meaningful spring couplets

1. Lucky fortune, golden apricot, happy spring – Happy life, health, happy Tet.

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2. Heaven adds new age, people live longer – Spring is all over the world, happiness is all over the house.

3. Happy New Year to a hundred things like that – Happy Spring to all success.

4. Tet in the house, Tet in the street – Loc in the sky, fortune in the human world.

5. Happy and prosperous spring, with virtue and talent as you wish – A year of prosperity and boundless life.

6. Boys and girls are happy to welcome Tet – Young and old are happy to welcome spring.

7. Happy and peaceful spring day comes – A new year of prosperity and wealth returns.

8. Happiness is radiant, joyful and hopeful – Loc is full of happiness all year round.

9. Fatty meat with red onion and red couplets – The tree shows the green rice cake firecracker.

10. May the New Year bless you forever – Wishing you and your family good health.

11. Yellow apricot blooms to celebrate the New Year – Pink peaches bloom to welcome spring.

12. Heaven adds years to people’s age – Spring is around the world, heaven and earth are happy all over the house.

13. New Year is like a thousand happy things – Tan Suu is rich with thousands of blue flowers.

14. Prosperous country New Year greetings – Family harmony spring greeting card.

15. Happy New Year family reunion – Spring comes, children and grandchildren enjoy peace.

16. New scene, new spring with many innovations – More talent, more glory and fortune.

17. Spring is peaceful, prosperous, and profitable – Mai declares prosperity, wealth, and rights.

18. Autumn comes full of beauty – Spring comes everywhere with fragrant flowers.

19. New year comes with delicious wine, bring a few cups – Spring comes to the pen to try a few pages.

20. Happy and Prosperous Spring – Longevity Year.

21. Prosperity and prosperity – Tons of fortune.

22. Auspicious auspicious – Bow wishes the new spring.

23. Sac holds a good deal of apricot blossom sentence – Eternal concentricity of the word yellow stone.

24. Increase the power to increase wealth – Tan fortune ton fortune ton glory flower.

25. The color of spring fills the heart with kindness – The Tet fragrance is full of altruistic meaning.

26. Good fortune and good fortune – On the occasion of the righteous and faithful ceremony.

27. Spring flowers bloom all over the country – Good luck and happiness to every home.

28. On the eve of the new year, spring floats – The wonderful springtime love.

29. Multi-talented, multi-talented, multi-rich – Great time to win people’s hearts.

30. Peace of a thousand-year-old great bamboo – Phu Quy blooms a rose.

31. The green spring day has passed accidentally – But the heart of eternal spring is still not old.

32. Plum calls for spring, orchids will bear summer – Tuc tin autumn comes to winter greasy bamboo.

33. Blooming colors in the morning and evening of the moon – Fresh in the bright colors of bamboo in the spring.

34. The wind rustled the blue shirt – On the rig of the spring, the ball of spring came.

35. Welcome new spring in a place full of mysteries – Meet a time or place full of fragrant flowers.

36. The colors of thousands of roses are brilliant – Spring flowers are as promised to bloom for someone.

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Good New Year's greeting structure

Funny and witty New Year’s greetings

1. In the evening of thirty, raise your leg to touch the tree. Wow! Tet! – On the morning of the first day, go to the house to hear the wishes. OH! Spring!

2. Thirty afternoon, messy hair, pig’s farewell to the end of the year – In the morning of the first day, clothes are worn, excited to celebrate the new spring.

3. New Year comes, good wine brings a few cups – Spring comes, new pen to try a few pages.

4. How ridiculous! If not, no firecrackers, no lime powder, but Tet – It’s okay! Wine has, spring rolls have, banh chung all have, redundant Xuan.

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5. Young and old, boys and girls all enjoy Tet – Flowers and leaves also celebrate Spring.

6. In the afternoon, when the debt was wailing, he kicked the poor guy out the door – In the morning, he was drunk and drunk, raised his hand to carry Mr. Phuc into the house.

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Good and meaningful New Year’s greetings in Chinese

1. Son Thuy Thanh, endless spring – Delightful fairy animals in the scene of eternal life.

Translation: The landscape of youth and youth forever – The fairy enjoys the eternal scene.

2. Ancestor of merit and virtue of the millennium – Tu filial piety and respect for ten thousand great bones.

Translation: The merits and virtues of the ancestors are prosperous for thousands of years – Hieu and children will live forever.

3. Hermitage of residence, accumulation of Kim Quang obtains virtues – Depends on the department, prays for good luck and future talents.

Translation: The grass house stays in peace, accumulates Kim Quang and gains virtue. – A cloth shirt is safe, prays for blessings to come.

4. The Four Seasons of Spring at Thu – Five blessings of life.

The first four springs – The first year of happiness.

5. New year, happiness, peace and progress – Spring, honor, wealth and prosperity.

Translation: New year, happiness and peace come – Spring day, glory and prosperity return.

6. Thien increases the lunar calendar, the year increases life – Spring is full of the universe, happy and satisfied with the road.

Translation: Heaven increases years, life increases – Spring is all over the world, happiness is all over the house.

7. Ancestor’s Remembrance, Duat Tu Quyet Duc – Khai Post-Human, Long Phat period.

=> Remember the ancestors, beautiful and virtuous – Believe in children and grandchildren, endure the strange.

8. The subject of multi-guest, unique and unique genius – A family of a human being is a hybrid of all things.

The door has many visitors coming, and a lot of money comes in – The house has many people coming in and many things coming in.

9. The birth of talent, the glorious career – Thien Tu Phuc, the current family.

Translation: The earth produces wealth, the karma of life is brilliant – God blesses, the house has a good reputation.

10. Year of the year like spring – Long live a peaceful life.

Translation: Five years of spring as you wish – Age of age and days of peace.

11. Mac of the spring with the flowers fading away – The communal house sculpts the most beautiful flowers in the morning.

Translation: Don’t tell the spring flowers to fade – Last night there was an apricot tree in the front yard.

12. Truc Bao peace, money and progress – Mai declares rich and precious, lucky future.

Translation: Truc keeps peace, adds wealth – Mai declares wealth and fortune, brings fortune again.

13. The most primordial truccation of the old age – Dao brings ten thousand households to the new spring.

Translation: Bamboo firecrackers say goodbye to the old year – Amulet to dig all the lanes to welcome the new spring.

14. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter happiness – Households charge southeast, northwest, and west.

The house welcomes blessings throughout the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter – The house collects wealth in the four directions, east, west, south, and north.

15. Nhat Nhat Thai Hoa, Phu Quoc – Man Mon spring color Thi Vinh Hue.

Translation: A truly wealthy and happy home – The spring colors are so glorious at the front door.

16. Introduction to the new business of the wheel of a guest – Man sitting at the dais of the day.

Translation: The entrance is full of prayer wheel guests – Sitting and playing are full of hydrangeas.

17. Minh Nien increases ten thousand fortune – Xuan Nhat natural wall.

Translation: New year brings thousands of fortunes – Spring brings thousands of luck.

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18. Phuong Thao Xuan Hoi y Old Luc – Mai flower is naturally unique.

Translation: Spring has come again, the fragrant grass is as green as before – Apricot flowers bloom, naturally giving off their fragrance.

19. Fortune-telling life of the three stars with the same mat – Heaven and earth, the unity of the spring.

Translation: The three stars of blessings, blessings, and longevity are all shining – Heaven, earth, and humans all enjoy spring.

20. Phuc Lai Mien The Trach – Loc Man Town Gia Thanh.

Translation: Happiness overflows everywhere – Loc fragrant at the door.

21. New Year’s Recharge – Long-term effect.

The new year brings good luck – a good New Year heralds a long spring day.

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New Year couplets

Couplets to wish Tet with 4 words

1. Congratulation for the new spring – Everything is as you wish.

2. Prosperity – Prosperity – Success.

3. Supply happiness to develop fortune – Tan fortune ton fortune.

4. Xuan Dinh Tu Hai – Mai declares the five blessings.

5. Continuous success – Endless happiness.

6. The bag is always full of money – Happy as a fairy.

7. A thousand times as you wish – Everything is like a dream.

8. Everything is as it is – Winning the whole family.

9. Million surprises – Billion times happiness.

10. Peace of mind – New year of prosperity.

11. Bach Thuan vi Phuc – Luc contract spring.

12. Xuan Phong is pleased – Harmony will be strong.

13. Spring feng shui blessing – Hy gas in the forest.

14. Auspicious auspicious – Wishing you a new spring.

15. Love is as tight as glue – Flexible and happy.

16. New Year wishes – Boundless health.

17. The auspicious auspicious – Bow wishes the new spring.

18. Eat fast and get fat – Money is as much as candy.

19. Love is as tight as glue – Flexible and happy.

20. Disciple Exam – Training for people.

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Happy New Year couplets for preschool children

New Year couplets for preschool children number 1

Kindergarten adds age to celebrate new spring
The girls eagerly welcome spring.

Tet couplets for children number 2

Plum peach blossoms bloom
Happy spring niece.

New Year couplets for preschool children number 3

Happy baby spring
Laughing gleefully.

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Couples wishing New Year to teachers

1. The gift of teaching is higher than the mountain – The meaning of teachers and students is like the sea water.

2. The gift of transmission is still there – The meaning of teachers and students is still here.

3. The soul of the countryside, the soul of the country, the soul of the river and the mountains – The shape of the letter is the shape of the future teacher.

5. What is as noble as the profession of a teacher – Glory is more than the profession of cultivating people.

6. The river is deep, the pole can be measured – The heart of the ferryman knows the immensity.

New Year couplets

Happy new year calligraphy lettering template

New Year couplets

Meaningful New Year couplets

New Year couplets

New Year couplets

Meaningful New Year couplets

New Year couplets

Above are the best and most meaningful Tet greetings for your reference. We hope that our sharing will help you soon choose a good New Year couplet, suitable for decorating your home or giving to friends and relatives.

On the occasion of the coming new year, hayhd.vn wishes our customers always have good health, happiness and happiness. Hopefully in the new year, hayhd.vn will still have the honor to serve customers, bring customers useful knowledge and quality products.

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