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Đề thi Olympic cụm trường THPT Ba Đình – Tây Hồ năm học 2011 – 2012 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11



(Đề thi chính thức)

Môn: Tiếng anh – Lớp 11

(Thời gian làm bài 120 phút không kể thời gian giao đề)

1- 5. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. (5 points)

1. A. clothes B. maths C. mouths D. youths

2. A. beverage B. average C. advantage D. engage

3. A. encounter B. envious C. enslave D. ensure

4. A. gambling B. gratitude C. gamekeeper D. guarantee

5. A. haunt B. fauna C. sausage D. laugh

6-10. Choose the word in each group that has different stress pattern (5 points)

6. A. trustworthy B. envisage C. prosperity D. intensify

7. A. enhance B. dispirited C. optimistic D. hallucinate

8. A. focus B. frontier C. format D. forward

9. A. immigration B. diagnostic C. universal D. innovative

10. A. eligible B. embarrassment C. emergency D. exploit

11- 22. Choose one best answer A, B, C or D to complete each sentence. (12 points)

11. It was awful, not ________ to see you for so long.
A. able B. to be able C. being able D. have been able

12. It is _______ that has helped us to build this bridge.
A. he B. his C. him D. he’s

13. We were all in ________ of the fact that the new manager was our old friend Duncan.
A. surprise B. shock C. awe D. amazement

14. The government announced today that they intend to ____________ the rise of crime in the inner cities by increasing police budgets in the areas most affected.
A. beat B. win C. retaliate D. counter

15. I am in favour of his proposal that a special committee ____ to examine the problem.
A. sets up B. will be set up C. be set up D. to be set up

16. The new road currently under _______ will solve the traffic problems in the town.
A. design B. progress C. construction D. work

17. “Another cup of coffee?” – “No, but thanks _________.”
A. not at all B. for all C. all the same D. you for all

18. It may have _______ your notice, but it’s Mrs. Hodge’s birthday today.
A. slipped B. skipped C. missed D. escaped

19. Private printing was simply a means ________ he could increase his income.
A. whereupon B. whereby C. wherewithal D. whereabouts

20. According the contract, we are __________ to supply the materials.
A. certain B. sure C. bound D. about

  Tả lại lễ kỉ niệm ngày Nhà giáo Việt Nam 20/11

21. I expected all of the customers ___________ of the change of our address.
A. to be informed B. to inform C. being informed D. informing

22. We can expect to treble our turnover once the January sales get into full _________.
A. force B. flight C. speed D. swing

23- 30. Give the correct forms of the words given (8 points)

(23. Doubt) __________________ you know someone who is (24. terror) ______________ of spiders. The problem is so common that (25. psychology)________________ even have a word for it – arachnophobia. No one is sure what it is that inspires this (26. rational)_______________ terror. Some people believe it is the legs, the numerous eyes, or even their scuttling form of movement. Perhaps it is a (27. combine) _________________ of all these things. Many people spray spiders with (28. insect) _______________ as soon as they see them, despite the fact that spiders are useful in keeping down (29. infest) _________________ of other insect pests in the house. Mind you, for some people anything is (30. prefer) ___________________ to spiders!

31- 38. Choose the verbs to make appropriate phrasal verbs and fill in the blanks their correct forms. The bare forms of the verbs are provided. (8 points)

eat die pull feed prey break dry wash

Text A: Elephants (31) _______ _______ plants. By (32) _______ ________ trees to eat leaves,(33) ______ ________ branches and pulling out roots, they create clearings in which new vegetation can grow to provide nutrition in the future. However, their destructive habits have meant that a number of plants are in danger of (34) ______ ____.

Text B: Here in this cold landscape of cliffs and stony beaches, seals (35) _____ _____ the abundant fish stocks which are found offshore. It is hard to imagine that if global warming increases, these wonderful creatures may never be seen again at this latitude. Sea levels will rise and (36) _____ _____ _____ the cliffs and rocky shores, (37) ____ _____ their natural habitats forever. And paradoxically, as the temperature and sea levels rise, some of the inland lakes may (38) _____ _____ altogether, leaving an arid landscape.

39- 43. Think of one word only which can be used in all three sentences. (5 points)

39. – Although this applicant has ____________ all the requirements of the jury board, her performance was considered lackluster compared to several others.
– We _______ severe technical difficulties that forced us to abandon our holiday plans.
– The two presidents ___________ for a discussion of bilateral ties in the field of economics and trade.

40. – The fishing trip was called off due to impossibly ________ waves offshore.
– Mikhail’s tremendous academic achievements is expected to earn him a _________ ranking at this competition.
– Putting on some festive music will put your teammates in ________ spirits during the entire trip.

  Phát biểu cảm nghĩ về bài Một thứ quà của lúa non

41. – The cliff ___________ was starting to crumble into the sea.
– I don’t know how I’m going to ____________ her after what happened.
– The Wasps _____________ the Hornets in two weeks.

42. -The building began _______________ as a church.
– The riots presented a considerable risk to ___________ and property.
– Try to put some ______________ into your painting.

43. – Tom is bound to get a real wake up _______ when he enters the world of work after being closeted in the university for the last seven years.
– Many young men answered the _____ to arms and signed up as soon as war was declared.
– That car nearly drove into us, it was a really close ________________.

44 – 51. There are 8 mistakes in the passage. Underline and correct them. (8 points)


Kansas is know for many things – wheat, sunflowers … and tornadoes! What famous
story set in Kansas feature a tornado? The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank
Baum, tells the story of Dorothy, who gets caught in a Kansas tornado and lands in
the imaginative land of Oz. This story has been dramatized on stage and film. You
might have seen the movie version, which stars Judy Garland like Dorothy.
Tornadoes are storms within rapid rotating winds that form a funnel cloud. Also
known as “twisters,” they extend downward from the huge clouds of a severe
thunderstorm. The winds that rotate within a tornado usually reach a speed of mostly
300 miles per hour! A tornado often sweeps through an area quickly, but it can cause
considerable destruction. There have been the number of remarkable reports of
tornadoes. In one instance, a schoolhouse was demolished while the 85 students
originally inside it were carried more than 400 feet with none killed. There was also
a case of five railway coaches, each weighs 70 tons, lifted from their tracks

44. Line ____ : _________->___________ 48. Line ____: _________->____________
45. Line: ____: _________-> ___________ 49. Line ____ : _________-> ___________
46. Line ____ : _________-> ___________ 50. Line ____ : _________-> ___________
47. Line ____ : _________-> ___________ 51. Line ____ : _________-> ___________

52-60. Fill in each blank with one suitable word. (9 points)

Urbanization has been a constant feature in human development for the past ten thousand years. While there has always been the necessity for a minimum – sometimes a very substantial minimum – of the (52) _______ to work the land, such surplus individuals as can be sustained have tended to gather in cities. Two thousand years ago, the cities of antiquity formed an administrative (53) _______ for the surrounding area, and a refuge from attack. In the Middle Ages, it was the city folk (54)_____ were the first to break the stultifying grip of feudalism, and it was in the cities of Northern Italy that the phenomenon of the Renaissance was born.

  Chính tả bài Vầng trăng quê em trang 142

Today only a fraction of mankind lives in the country, and the (55) ________ which does so is decreasing. Mega-cities with populations exceeding ten million are common, and they will become even (56) ______ so over the coming decades. While many aspects of city life are unattractive – pollution, stress, and separation from nature to name but a few – more and more of humanity (57) ______ to be choosing an urban existence. Adjusting to this fact is going to be (58) _________ of the major challenges of the coming century. And what of the country? The (59) _______ are that its relative decline will be reversed as the information revolution makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of social contact (60) ________ needing to leave one’s rural residence.

61- 70. Choose the appropriate words to complete the following passage. (10 points)

Great Britain, the (61) _____ industrial and maritime power of the 19th century, played a leading (62) _____ in developing parliamentary democracy and in advancing literature and science. At its (63) ______ the British Empire stretched over one-fourth of the earth’s (64) _____. The first half of the 20th century saw the UK’s strength seriously (65) _____ in two World Wars. The second half (66)____ the dismantling of the Empire and the UK rebuilding itself into a modern and prosperous European nation. The UK currently is weighing the (67) _____ of its integration with continental Europe. A member of the EU, it chose to remain (68)______ of the EMU for the time (69)______ . Constitutional reform is also a significant issue in the UK. Regional assemblies with (70) ________ degrees of power opened in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland in 1999.

61. A. minor B. single C. dominant D. principle

62. A. role B. actor C. plays D. character

63. A. best B. high C. zenith D. top

64. A. nations B. surface C. countries D. region

65. A. losing B. missing C. depleted D. lost

66. A. bought B. looked at C. witnessed D. watched

67. A. period B. degree C. heaviness D. weight

68. A. outside B. far C. away D. inside

69. A. now B. being C. remaining D. at hand

70. A. varying B. optional C. various D. varied

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