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Review du lịch tự túc Hà Nam từ A đến Z| Review du lịch Hà Nam – Hayhd


Ha Nam travel review – In your life, surely you have not heard of Chi Pheo by writer Nam Cao. Perhaps this was also a “nightmare” in the life of many students. The fragrant pot of braised fish in Vu Dai village, Ha Nam province is famous as the author’s hometown. Although not as popular as other tourist destinations, although the reputation is not really mentioned on the map of Vietnam, Hayhd still wants to introduce you to this beautiful land if you want to find a place. both beautiful natural landscape and rich in historical value.

The right time to visit Ha Nam

Because it is a northern province, the climate here is quite similar to Hanoi capital, but because the main forms of outdoor activities are outdoor activities, I recommend you to go in the autumn months, from August to October. October because the weather at this time is the most chill, cool, neither hot nor cold.

If you are a lover of festivals and discover typical cultural features, you should come to Ha Nam between January and March because this season often has many festivals such as Duy Hai village festival, Gua village festival, Duong Ho festival. . This is also the peak tourist season, the most crowded and bustling in Ha Nam.

How to get to Ha Nam

Ha Nam is adjacent to Hanoi and only 60km from Hanoi city center. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can move to Ha Nam by the following means of transport:

– Train: You can book and keep train tickets via hotline 19006469 of the Vietnam Railways Department. Ticket prices range from 65K – 165K depending on the type of seat. The time from Hanoi station to Phu Ly station is about 1 hour more.

– Coach: There are many bus routes running from Hanoi to Ha Nam every day, you can catch them at My Dinh or Giap Bat bus stations. The car takes about 1 hour to reach Ha Nam and the ticket price ranges from 60K – 80K. When getting in or out of the car, remember to keep your belongings carefully to avoid theft.

– Motorcycle: Because the distance is not far, about 60km, traveling by motorbike for those who like to be self-sufficient will be the most appropriate way, both to enjoy the scenery and take the initiative in the schedule. If you like to stop then stop, like to go, go, riding a motorbike will give you the feeling of a real trip. From the center of Hanoi, you just need to go straight along National Highway 1A to the south of Hanoi to be able to go directly to Ho Chi Minh City. Phu Ly. And it only takes about 1 hour to run. When riding a motorbike, remember to drive carefully and obey traffic laws.

– Bus: Buses are a good option if you want to save money. Fares will be much easier if you take a bus or taxi. There are many bus trips to Hanoi – Ha Nam or even the surrounding provinces. The bus departs every 15 minutes.

Means of transportation in Ha Nam

– Motorcycle: Ha Nam is not large, but the attractions are scattered, so Hayhd thinks that a motorbike will be your best companion to be able to visit every corner of Ha Nam. Phu Ly center has many places to rent motorbikes, you can contact or ask people they will show you.

– Boats: There will be many tourist attractions traveling by this vehicle, to be able to visit all the sights here.

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– Taxi: It is not too difficult to catch a taxi in Ha Nam, because most of the taxis have meters so visitors are not afraid of fraud. But it’s better to be careful, and don’t take a taxi even if it doesn’t have a brand.

Where to stay when traveling to Ha Nam?

INCO Hotel 515.9 (Le Hoan Street, Phu Ly, Ha Nam):

Luxury hotel up to 3 stars, spacious rooms and other services are served as standard. Average price per night from 800K for double room.

Muong Thanh Luxury Ha Nam

Perhaps this hotel area is too famous for the luxury world. The space is great, with a swimming pool, a restaurant, a bar and other resorts.

In addition, there are many other options for you.
Interesting tourist places in Ha Nam?

Ba Kien’s house

Referring to Chi Pheo is referring to Ba Kien, referring to Vu Dai village that day with its famous braised fish and onion porridge. If you have ever fallen in love with this work, then visit Ba Kien’s house, located in the village. Nhan Hau, Hoa Hau commune, Ly Nhan district, through many years of war and ups and downs, the remaining Ba Kien house is just a 3-room tiled roof house and a couple of water jars in front of the yard.

According to the people, this house has undergone 7 owners and so far, it has become a real treasure of Vu Dai village, this is also a specially elaborate wooden house that throughout Ly Nhan palace. and neighboring provinces at this time did not have. Although it has been more than a hundred years old, the strength and endurance of the house is still quite good.

Truc Temple – Ngu Dong Thi Son

The scenic area of ​​Truc Temple – Ngu Dong Thi Son is located in Quyen Son village, Thi Son commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province, with an area of ​​about 10 hectares. Located 8 km from Phu Ly city along National Highway 21A, this scenic area has charming natural scenery, overlapping mountains, Truc temple in the middle of poetic Truc forest, and a unique cave system. On January 20, 1994, the State recognized Truc and Ngu Dong Son temples as historical and scenic relic. This complex is associated with the legend of Ly Thuong Kiet, a strong wind blew, broke the mast and then rolled the flag of the army to the top of the Forbidden Mountain. Seeing something strange, he stopped the boat and went ashore with the generals to make sacrifices to heaven and earth, praying for great victory. He placed the altar in the bamboo forest, near the temple to worship the mother and daughter of a foreign country. In the middle of the night, her mother and daughter appeared in a dream and asked to accompany him to fight the enemy. Since then, he named the mountain Quyen Son mountain (or Cuon Son). That time, Ly Thuong Kiet commanded a great victory.

Next to Truc temple is the Ngu Dong range, consisting of 5 consecutive caves stretching hundreds of meters deep into the heart of Cam Mountain. The entrance to the cave is high, overlooking the surface of Day river. The exit is on the other side of the cliff, so the air in the cave is very cool. The structure of the caves is extremely diverse with many types of stalactites in all shapes and sizes, giving visitors a rich imagination, going through these 5 caves will surely make your legs tired but very interesting.

Tran Thuong Temple

Tran Thuong Temple is the place to worship Hung Dao Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan and generals who had merits in the resistance war against the Mongols in the past. According to recorded history, Tran Thuong Temple was originally used as a place to store rice and food of the Tran Dynasty, later became a special sacred worship area of ​​Ha Nam.

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Located in Nhan Dao Commune, Ly Nhan District, Ha Nam Province, Tran Thuong Temple is dedicated to General Tran Hung Dao (1228-1300), a supreme commander of the country during the Tran Dynasty, who defeated three invasions. of the mighty Mongol Empire in the 13th century. Thanks to its outstanding historical and cultural values, since December 2015, Tran Thuong Pagoda has been recognized as a special national monument. In order to commemorate the great merit of General Tran Hung Dao, the Tran Thuong Temple Festival is held annually from the 18th to the 20th day of the 8th lunar month.

Tam Chuc Ecological Park – Three Stars

Tam Chuc is a national tourist area in Vietnam, with the highlight being Tam Chuc pagoda. The whole area is 5,100 ha, including a system of newly built sports and cultural works associated with Tam Chuc lake located in town. Ba Sao and Kha Phong commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province. From Phu Ly city, along Highway 21, go about 12 km, you will reach Tam Chuc lake with an area of ​​​​up to 545 hectares. From Hanoi, take National Highway 1A or follow the route My Dinh – Ba Sao – Bai Dinh to the resort about 60 km. About 10 km from Huong Pagoda.

There are many different forms of tourism here for you to experience. Hayhd has specifically listed for readers below:

Tam Chuc spiritual cultural area:

Tam Chuc Communal House

Tam Chuc communal house is now an architectural work restored in the heart of Tam Chuc lake. Tam Chuc communal house is located on a small island with a road access. Tam Chuc communal house is small, bearing the typical architecture of the temple of the North. The old Tam Chuc village’s communal house worshiped Queen Dinh Duong Thi Nguyet, Dinh Tien Hoang De and Bach Ma god. Legend has it that when Dinh Bo Linh defeated 12 warlords, went to the Kim Bang area today to recruit soldiers, hoard food, and went to Linh Lang Bach Ma temple to pray for the island. When he ascended the throne, Dinh Tien Hoang ordered the people of Kim Bang to build a temple to worship Linh Lang Bach Ma.

Tam Chuc Pagoda

The ancient Tam Chuc pagoda was built during the Dinh Dynasty, associated with the legend of “Tien Luc Nhac – After That Tinh”. Accordingly, on the mountain range of 99 mountains located in the southwest towards Perfume Pagoda, there are 7 mountains near Tam Chuc village. According to the ancient legend, all seven mountains appear as a large bright spot like 7 stars, bright all day and night. The light shimmered from above illuminating a large area. Villagers call it “That Tinh” mountain and the temple here is called “That Tinh” pagoda. After that, someone went to Seven Star Mountain to cut and carve, in order to take away those 7 special stars. They piled firewood in a large pile and burned it for many days, causing the 4 stars to fade away, eventually leaving only 3 stars. Therefore, “That Tinh” pagoda was later changed to “Ba Sao” pagoda and Ba Sao town (Kim Bang) also got its name from that area. The temple premises include:
Tam The Palace is the largest court. Stepping through the rows of exquisitely carved wooden doors, in front are three Tam The statues representing the past, present and future. On the walls of Tam The Palace are reliefs of Nirvana.

Phap Chu Temple located under Tam The Palace. The highlight in Phap Chu Temple is 4 large reliefs covering all the walls, each relief tells about a turning point in the life of Shakyamuni Buddha since his birth, enlightenment, and teachings. Dharma until Nirvana.

Quan Am Palace Worshiping the Buddha with a thousand hands and eyes, is a rich treasure with stories about the Buddha’s compassion and benevolence, reflected in the incarnations through countless reincarnations.

Temple of the Jade 15m high is built with red granite slabs from India. The tower has 3 curved roofs, an area of ​​​​36m2, in the tower, there is a jade stone statue weighing 4.9 tons. At the Jade Pagoda, Xuan Truong Construction Enterprise also intends to place here 7 meteorite stones that he has just bought at auction.

Some pretty check-in locations

Source: @le_quynh_chi
Pillar garden Located right behind the Tam Quan gate, these are the columns of ancient scriptures restored to resemble the national treasures of Nhat Tru pagoda in the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh. In the middle of the courtyard from Tam Quan to Quan Am Palace, there are 32 sacred columns made of Thanh Hoa green stone, 13.5m high, about 2m wide, each column weighs about 200 tons. The base of the column is a round stone block shaped like lotus petals around, above the body of the column is a hexagonal column, above the column is a bowl supporting a lotus bud. The Buddha’s teachings will be engraved on these sutras to remind current and future generations to cultivate virtue

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Ba Danh Pagoda – Ngoc Mountain

Surely every day we are too familiar with the saying “it’s like Ba Danh pagoda” right? In fact, Ba Danh Pagoda is not really empty, this is a tourist destination that many people come to visit when coming to Ha Nam. Located in Danh Xa village, Ngoc Son commune, Kim Bang district, the pagoda is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful temples in the northern provinces. With an area of ​​about 10 hectares, the pagoda has a unique architecture bearing the imprint of the Le Dynasty. Like other temples, Ba Danh Pagoda mainly worships Buddha and some other gods such as Nam Tao or Bac Dau. The pagoda also has a large yard planted with many types of trees, the direction of the pagoda facing the Day river, so the scene here becomes even more poetic and charming.

What dishes should be enjoyed when traveling to Ha Nam?

Noodle Soup with Shrimp : Vermicelli here is delicious, medium taste, a mother has quite a lot of noodles, beans and accompanying foods. The restaurant is quite crowded in the early afternoon.

Luc Binh fish sauce.

Lucky water is made from 100% organic ingredients, through many complicated and time-consuming steps. The fresh fish will be brought back to peel, pound, marinate spices and then incubate. The standard sauce will have a rich taste that will definitely be hard to fade in the hearts of diners.

Vu Dai fish warehouse village

Dai Hoang village, also known as Vu Dai village, in northern Ha Nam province, 50 kilometers southeast of Hanoi, is famous for its traditional dish – braised fish in an earthenware pot. Vu Dai village used to be the poorest place in the region because the local land was not suitable for farming. With no chicken or beef to make a delicious meal for Tet, the locals decided to create a delicious dish out of fish. Therefore, this dish is often quite expensive, but it is true that “you get what you pay for”. The dish is made quite sophisticated and time consuming, fish must choose carp over 3kg, earthen pot must also be ordered separately… and billions of steps too. If you come to Ha Nam without trying this dish, then you have not explored this place yet

Note when coming to Ha Nam

The location is far away from each other, so remember to schedule in advance to save time, remember to bring personal items such as raincoats, hats, hats to prevent bad weather.

Most of the places to visit are temples and pagodas, so it’s best to wear discreet, non-revealing clothes.

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